Injury Forces Me Out Of A Charity Ride & A Week In Review.

16 10 2011

I’m Out:

I have been REAL lucky with injures in the last 3 years, having not missed an organised ride in that time due to illness or injury.

Upto Friday just 2 days ago, things were fine, times were good, I was feeling strong etc and was ready to go.

The event was the “Return of the winter-sprinter”

However, on the commute on Friday I had a wee-accident.

I was FLYING, I  had drafted a Moped doing 30 Mph, dropped 2 cyclists on a hill and  hitting my 3rd red light I was still averaging over  20Mph, setting off from the lights, my leg wasnt clipped into my SPD’s and I slipped…HARD, I managed to not fall off but it left my left looking like I’d been jumped by a tiger.

My leg now being swollen and bloody sore, I took the HARD decision to not ride the 100km event today, I’ll come back stronger, but for now, I  am going to listen to my body and rest it.


This week had me do a couple more interviews, On Monday morning a photo shoot had been arranged with the Manchester Evening News, it was cold, wet and I had cycled into work in my  waterproofs, however, I still had my real kit on for the shoot, but I needed warmth while I waited.

However, the photographer must have had the wrong number as he didn’t call and it turns out he said my phone was off (it couldn’t have been as that’s what I used to take the about pic) so never mind, the article can be seen here:

The article mentions awards, Clive told me to get a cabinet, well, a shelf will do for now, though it will need to be bigger if I am to put an Olympic Torch on it :0)

Kinect Season

So as the summer cycling induced longer commutes comes to end due to the NASTY weather, Kinect-Season kicks off again, for anyone who wants to lose weight without “Real-workouts” this REALLY is the best way, I was buggered when I’d finished a couple of hours on it.

Let’s not forget in all of this that NOT QUITTING had made me who I am today !

For now,that’s me, stay strong, there should be an updated headed your way about the “Gary Brennan Foundation” this week too.

Sky Ride , a campaign to get one million more people onto their bikes by 2013

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