Manchester City Council, Be Proud Awards 2009

20 12 2009

09.12.2009 – Manchester City Council, Be Proud Awards 2009

I was nominated for the Manchester City Council run “Be Proud” awards and as someone who made the final 3 I along with my guests were invited to a “gala evening” in Manchester’s Town Hall.

Gaz & Mrs Gaz

Here is myself and my guests at the start of the evening.

Gaz, Mrs Gaz, Deano, Mrs Deano & Paul

Well after a great evening here I am with all the OTHER winners, Yup thats right folks, I WON !!!! A former 39 stone cyclist WON the sporting achievement category !!

"Be Proud" Winners


Lets hope I can go from strength to strength and defend my title next year :D


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20 responses

21 12 2009
Peter Martin

Great to have ya back lad – a very warm welcome indeed!!

21 12 2009

Thanks Pete-Mate

Tho, its not actually that warm right now ;)

21 12 2009

Is this true?

21 12 2009


21 12 2009

Missed you! I’m not gay or owt.

21 12 2009

Awwww, sweet, neither am I

22 12 2009

I don’t have your email address so have been unable to mail.

22 12 2009

LOL – thought you had moderation on – sorry!

22 12 2009

Great news Gas. Good to see a blog back up and running from you. Merry Christmas.

23 12 2009

Cheers Ben and good luck on your impending ride.

23 12 2009
Pastor Clint

Great Article Gaz,

You have inspired people all around the world.
As you continue to do what many of us have told ourselves is not possible, you prove us wrong. In so doing we see the truth and can make our first steps to recovery and a better life.

Thank You and Merry Christmas from Andrews, SC, USA

23 12 2009

Cheers for your words of support Pastor.

23 12 2009
John Berry

Well done dude…

I thought we had lost you….Good to see you back

23 12 2009

Hey Gaz,

Well done mate, looked a cracking night!

30 12 2009
Tom B.

Wow, though you’d might have got hit by a car or something. Glad your in one piece and still blogging. You really are an inspiration to me…SO DON’T LEAVE UNANNOUNCED AGAIN!!! Smile :)
Happy Holidays to you and your Family!

27 02 2010

Not quite but close, just about to blog an update, keep your eyes peeled.

3 03 2010
Clive Chapman

Hey up mate, glad you’re ok. Sounded nasty that. Is this a flying visit or a regular thing now? ;-)

5 03 2010

CheersMate, It sure were muccka, Its more than a flying visit but I wont be updating like I used to , so every 4 weeks or so (when I have something intresting to say lol)

4 03 2010

Bloody hell mate. I’ve only just found this blog. I did wonder why we hadn’t heard from you for a while.

I’ve just sold an I-magic. Great arn’t they!
I used to have a real love hate relationship with that Mnt Ventoux real life dvd.

I went arse over tit in Jan several times myself depite using a MTB. Those icy roads were lethal wern’t they! (Thankfully i’d always put my body armour on so I was never hurt.)

I hope you’re now fully recovered.

10 11 2010
Manchester City Council – Be Proud Awards 2010 « 39 Stone Cyclist

[...] the 4th November I was invited to the home of Manchester City Football Club, Eastlands, Sports City,As Winner of the 2009 Sporting Achievement To be on the judging panel for the 2010 Sporting Achievement [...]

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